About Moe & Fawn

Two idiots that fell in love and started an empire.

About Moe

He's old, he's tired, and his mother is a fucking delight. He's been a gamer most of his life, a Podcaster for over a decade, and is a forgotten minor YouTube celebrity.

About Fawn

She's a little less old and a little more tired. Fawn has been a gamer and crafter for the better part of her sad little life and still has absolutely no idea what she's doing.


(Note to Self: Put some bullshit about how we met and did the stupid falling in love thing here at a later date.)

But seriously... Moe and Fawn met in December 2018 at a bonfire get together. They drank some boozy cocoa, awkwardly half-ass flirted with each other throughout the night with weird eye contact and dirty jokes, and were too chicken shit to kiss on the first night... but somehow they got it together, fell in love, and decided to start an empire. What better way to spend time together than planning on how to take over the world side by side? *laughs in Skeletor & Evil-Lyn*

Their various projects and involvement with their community keeps them busy 'round the clock but their mushy-gushy love for each other is all the fuel they need to keep going.