Freaky and Queer! *ahem* We mean... Frequently Asked Questions ;)

What is The Von Helvete Empire?

The House Von Helvete (Moe & Fawn) creates content involving streaming, podcasts, crafting, and so much more. In combination with a collective of Friends and like-minded content creators, we are The Von Helvete Empire. It’s the mission of VHE to bring you the very best in online entertainment.

Post from Fawn:

I had the idea to create a small hub for all of the projects that Moe and I are currently working on. We both have various projects on our own plus two projects that we are involved in together. This way, any time we did a stream, ended a podcast, or were handing out business cards at events, we could promote one website with all of our projects rather than just one. #WorkSmartNotHard

Once I started putting this idea together, I realized that I didn't just want to have a hub for OUR projects. I wanted to include our creator friends, as well. I've always thought that "what's good for the goose is good for the gander." Why should I promote a website that's just for Moe and myself? Why not bring our friends along, as well? I want people to experience all the awesomeness that our friends create, too! I'm all about shameless self-plugs but I'm REALLY on board to promote my friends and their art, as well. Look at this amazing person and all they can do! SHOW THEM LOVE!

So I created a website where we can start listing the projects of those nearest and dearest to us to showcase their projects, too. Right now, it's just a single page on the website with a link to each project. But once this grows a bit more, each creator (aka Friend of The Empire) will have their own page where they can link as many projects as they'd like with a small bio about themselves and their project links. We currently have friends that are from all different areas of the creator spectrum. Artists, podcasters, musicians, streamers, makers, and crafters and we're just going to keep adding more.

The goal of The Empire is to only get eyes to one project or another... it's to get eyes on ALL of our projects. Let's all raise each other up. Let's all help each other succeed. Let's all share the love and splendor. Who cares who has the highest score as long as we're all enjoying the game, right? So let's play!

Our website is finally live and we are slowly starting to add friends! Currently, we are only adding Friends of The Empire that we have hand selected and have built a rapport with over time. Slowly, we will branch out and start making new connections and adding them, as well. For now, we're keeping it relatively small. I see big things on the horizons for The Von Helvete Empire... but I'm not trying to rush to get to them. I want to do this the right way.

What can The Von Helvete Empire do for me?

Our end goal is bring in as many views, followers, subcriptions, etc as we can for any content creators that are involved with The Von Helvete Empire. By working together, networking together, and collaborating together that goal is much more feasible. The way we see it is if we can all help each other, then we can all reap the benefits.

Who are the "Friends of The Empire?"

Friends of The Empire are content creators that we either knew prior to building The Empire and have a close relationship with or those that we've met online via streaming that we've built rapport with over time. Both of which we are either actively creating content with or share some type of project involvement with in one way or another. We’ve been fortunate enough to build up friendships and connections through our content creation and we’ve come to enjoy working with them to help grow The Von Helvete Empire further.

Can I be a "Friend of The Empire?"

We would absolutely love for you to be a Friend of The Empire! However, we do have a fairly involved screening process that new people need to go through before becoming a Friend. There are three major boxes that need to be checked before VHE welcomes you as Friend of The Empire:

  1. You must submit your social media links for us to evaluate along with a small blurb about yourself and your content/business.

  2. You must interact with members of VHE so we can decide if you'd be a good fit for The Empire. We want to make sure everyone meshes well :) Interaction can be anything from being social in our various Facebook groups, our Discord server, or doing collaboration streams with us.

  3. Don't be a dick. That last one is pretty simple. Doesn't need further explaination.

How can I get involved so I can become a Friend?

Watch or join our streams, hang out in chat, get to know some of our Friends, come play a round or two of Among Us, come hang out in voice chat in your free time, and show us that you want to be a part of what we're building... the options are literally limitless. Most importantly, show us you’re not a complete cretin and that you're a worthly ally.