Friends of VHE

From video gamers to artists and everything in between, 

VHE has friends across the globe.

Music & Media Friends

A new podcasting umbrella hosted by Doug Tilley with a SMORGASBORD of shows, including We Do Our Own Stunts, Cinema Fantastica, Eric Roberts Is The Fuck Man: Redux,  and You Don't Know Dick.

The After Movie Diner is a website for movie lovers by movie lovers. People who like cult film, genre film, indie film, Americana, conversation and who have a good sense of humor.

Guitar based, melodic driven folk, rock, and blues from a forever bearded singer/songwriter.

Gamer & Streamer Friends

"H" is a horror movie nerd, first and foremost. He is also a collector (video games, records, toys, comics etc.) But most of his interests circle right back around to horror. That's why he's the HorrorKing. H is a crucial member of VHE as a co-creator and co-host of Alt.Nerd.Obessive.

RETROFUTURISM 101 is a radio show that was formerly broadcast on an FM station in Boston, Massachusetts and then moved to Twitch in April 2019 due to COVID-19. The PRGRM primarily features synthwave and its various subgenres. This particular music is heavily influenced by the nostalgia of yesteryear and the scores and soundtracks of films, television shows and video games of the 1980’s and 90’s. RETROFUTURISM 101 is hosted by Michael Knight and airs every Friday night at 8pm EST on Twitch. 

This lil' bit of sugar and spice is a co-founder of the Game Over Gaming Community. Cuppy organizes multiple game nights and streams with various crews. You can usually find her streaming various games from Blizzard and Steam libraries on Twitch. 

Maker & Crafter Friends

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Saturday morning breakfast cereal would smell like as a candle? Are you curious what your favorite classic video game would smell like as a soy wax melt? Well, now you can find out! Nostalgic Essentials creates sinfully delicious (and accurate) smelling candles and wax melts with your childhood nostalgia in mind!

Pixie creates unique handcrafted clothing and accessories for babies through tween-agers. Each piece is custom made and is one of a kind and is bursting at the seams with love and creativity.

Artist Friends

Three and a half pounds of dissapoint. Comfortably cradling in discomfort for your momentary displeasure.   M E S S A G E F O R C O M M I S S I O N. 

Content Creator Friends