Melt With Fawn

Come on, come on... let your troubles melt away.

Did your work day suck? Stressful day? Kids won't STFU and you've had enough? Come chill out and get visually pleased by watching Fawn set fire to some shit.

ASMR and "stimming" has become such a big part of Fawn's life in the last couple of years. Fawn unfortunately suffers from anxiety and depression and one of the ways she's found to cope with that is to watch videos on social media that are focused on ASMR and visual stimuli that is "oddly satisfying" and visually pleasing. For Fawn, it provides a calming effect and helps keep her brain busy so the anxiety has a chance to simmer down.

Sure it's nice and fun to watch things melt... but it's so much more fun if you're the one doing the melting or burning! This entire lil' project started when Fawn began making short, hyperlapsed videos of her setting up her favorite wax burners and using hand picked melts to watch melt and bubble. Fawn found the entire process super soothing and enjoyable. It was mentioned that Fawn should start an Instagram to share some of her videos for other people to enjoy, too. Finally, nearly 2 years later, Fawn created an Instagram page and started uploading videos. While there are only a few videos up at this time, more are coming soon!