One idiot teaches another idiot how to crochet... crafty hilarity ensues.

Moe has never so much as touched a skein of yarn or a crochet hook... until now.

Very early on in their relationship, Fawn made a joke about teaching Moe to crochet and that she'd call it "Moechet." Moe laughed it up but shrugged off the idea entirely... until Fawn bratted him to death and he finally caved and agreed to take part in this absolute shit show of a project idea.

In the first episode, Fawn takes Moe to a local craft store to pick out his very first crochet hooks and skeins of yarn and begins teaching him how to start with crochet foundation chains... surprisingly, it seems like Moe might have a knack for crochet after all... or maybe not.

Each episode will focus on Fawn teaching Moe a new crochet technique and him trying his absolute best (but probably not) to apply it and make it a functional crocheted item.