No-Budget Nightmares

Just because it's no-budget doesn't mean it's no-entertainment!

Doug & Moe guide you through some of the best (worst?) low and no-budget horror movies while providing a running commentary that will leave you in stitches.


No-Budget Nightmares is a film/comedy podcast that focuses on Low/Micro/Shoestring/No-Budget Films. The hosts Moe Porne and Doug Tilley scour the depths of cinema to try and find the diamonds in the rough, rare as they may be, in the no-budget community. The show tends to break down each film they cover with great detail explaining what does or doesn’t work and ultimately hopes to serve both a celebration of ingenuity, as well as a “What not to do” for aspiring filmmakers.


No-Budget Nightmares originally began as a section on Doug Tilley’s previous blog Movie Feast called The Bloody Nightmares Project. The project involved viewing, and writing reviews, of each of the ultra low-budget films released on Mill Creek Entertainment’s 100 film Bloody Nightmares box set. Doug had completed writing reviews of 39 of these films before the opening of the Daily Grindhouse website, which then became his main writing focus.

The Bloody Nightmares Project was reborn on Daily Grindhouse as a weekly No-Budget Nightmares column, where Doug would review a low-budget film – usually still taken from the Bloody Nightmares box set – and pair it with an interview with someone involved with the making of that film. The first film featured in the column was 2004’s So Mort It Be (published on August 15, 2011), and the review was paired with an interview with So Mort It Be director Fabian Rush.

After several months of weekly articles and interviews, the idea of expanding the articles seemed like the logical next step. Originally, the idea was to involve all of the current (at the time) Daily Grindhouse writers, and would involve each of them watching the chosen film – in this case Hip Hop Locos – and then answering several questions which would be compiled into an article.

Moe Porne, who was already running his Drunk On VHS podcast, read the idea and immediately thought this sounded like a great idea for a podcast. They set off to try and coordinate the schedules of as many of the DG staff as they could. By chance, the only two people who had any real spare time were Moe and Doug. They recorded Episode One as what they expected to be the first episode of the “bastard round table”, but soon realizing that their repartee, knowledge, and unique histories with No-Budget cinema was an ideal dynamic for the show.