Strange Vapes

Moe takes the hit, so that you don't have to... for science!

From pizza to crab legs, Moe's on the hunt for weird and unusual vape flavors to test and review just for you. What wacky flavors will he find next?

Strange Vapes started as a fun idea to discover strange and unusual vape juice flavors. Moe had heard that someone had created a pizza flavor vape juice so he ordered a bottle and the rest is history. Strange Vapes is far and away the most popular project Moe has been involved with to date; not bad for a show that only had a dozen or so episodes.

Strange Vapes combined the shock of vaping seemingly un-vapable flavors (did someone say crab legs?), the humor of quickie juice reviews filmed in porn shop wank booths, and the showcasing of smaller juice makers. Once the FDA announced they were going to drop some new regulations on vaping, Strange Vapes decided to take a hiatus to see how everything landed and, sadly, the show didn’t come back.

Thankfully, a wonderful mistake while testing streaming software put the show back into the public eye, the outcry of positive messages made Moe realize maybe it’s time to bring the show back! Stay tuned for future updates!