Current VHE Projects

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Moe's Projects

Moe is a variety streamer that showcases everything from video games to live episodes of the critically ignored podcast Alt.Nerd.Obsessive to the (coming soon) D&D campaign, "Critical Failure."

The brainchild of a couple nerds who each have their own esoteric obsessions. Join Moe and "H" as they delve into their deranged minds and discuss everything from video games, toys, music, and movies.

A comedy podcast that focuses on low/no-budget horror films. Hosts Moe and Doug break down each film they cover with great detail explaining what does or doesn’t work and ultimately hopes to serves both a celebration of ingenuity, as well as a “What not to do” for aspiring filmmakers.

Moe, your tour guide through the world of odd and unusual flavors, has an odd sense of taste. He takes the hit, so that you don't have to... For science!

Fawn's Projects

Fawn is a variety streamer focusing on crafting but also streams video games. Fawn does crochet and cross-stitch and even dabbles in perler beads from time to time. Cursing the video game Gods is also one of Fawn's favorite past times. She streams games like In Silence, World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Among Us, Little Nightmares, Sims 4, and various others on Twitch.

Fawn wants to share her love of the oddly satisfying and visually pleasing by creating hyperlapse wax melt videos for everyone to enjoy on Instagram.

Moe & Fawn's Joint Ventures

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when one idiot with ADHD teaches another idiot with ADHD how to crochet? Come find out as Fawn chronicles her adventure of teaching Moe how to crochet.